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2005 Ford F-150 XLT

Damage: Framed Damage, Front Bumper, Upper Front Bumper Cover, Front Bumper Grille, Lower Front Spoiler, All Front Bumper Brackets, Grille Assembly, Halogen Headlamp Assembly, Radiator Support Panel, Radiator Upper Air Deflector, Radiator Shroud, A/C Condenser, Hood Latch Striker, Hood latch Panel, Hood Lock Vertical Support, LT & RT Hood Panel Hinge, LT & RT Front Fender, LT & Rt Fender Nameplate, LT Inner Fender, LT Front Frame Sd Rail, LT Front Door Shell, Inner Door Trim, LT Outer Mirror Cover, LT Bedside Panel

Repair:  Repaired Unibody Frame, Replace and Refinished Front Bumper and Upper Front Bumper Cover, Replaced and Refinished Front Bumper Grille, Replaced and Refinished Lower Spoiler, Replaced all Front Bumper Brackets, Replaced and Refinished Grille Assembly, Replaced Halogen Headlamp Assembly, Replaced and Refinished Radiator Support Panel, Replaced A/C Condenser Unit, Replaced and Refinished Hood, Replaced and Refinished Hood latch and Vertical Support Lock, Repaired and Refinished RT and LT Hood Hinge, Replaced and Refinished LT and RT Front Fender, Replaced RT & LT Nameplate, Reinforced and Refinished LT Inner Fender Panel, Repaired Inner Front Frame Sd Rail,  Blend Refinish LT Door Shell, Replaced Outer Mirror and Door Handle, Repaired and Refinished LT Bedside Panel 

Total Cost: $9,150.67

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